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Quanta razão está imbuída no nosso coração; realidades sem fantasia. Somos nocivos, causamos e transmitimos alegria e tristeza, o mal e o bem. Às vezes, instintivamente, causamos mal a quem queremos bem. Poderíamos ter o instinto de rato que, mesmo indefeso entregue aos instintos sádicos de um gato. Até mesmo uma cobra que vive rastejando, odiada por todos e causando destruição, e por isso destruída. A traição é o pior mal da natureza.
Amigos de verdade são raros.

28 novembro 2012

                                    (Luiz Pádua)
Very difficult to know who is right or wrong. This dilemma persists forever in the minds of people, all wanting to own the truth ..
 A sure who is right or wrong, depends solely on the subjectivity of each. The interference in the matter by taking advantage of one party or another, ends fatally masking the reality of the facts.
In an attempt to develop a superficial analysis of what is right or wrong we could come to some conclusions about the controversial topic.
We understand that the "right" and "wrong" can only be found in mathematical calculations, to calculate where two plus two will always be four in any part of the world, when we add two plus two is five and the result will certainly be wrong.
Outside of mathematical logic will be very difficult to say with certainty that someone would be right or wrong, because questioning the subject is under the influence of subjective bias of the individual, who always seek to defend their "truth" or "wrong" of next, ignoring the "truths" of others who see the same subject in different angles.
Both the individual A, B as the individual may hold opposing views on the same subject, and even then would be right according to their reasons, viewing angle or contrast.
In a discussion where two individuals expose opposing opinions, hardly will agree, if they remain adamant, it is because each one seeing the problem at hand, the viewing angle of your mind, never put it on the opposite side. In this case, the best thing to do is each take its course and meditate on the best point of view of the other.
An example of right or wrong, are the football matches: every fan interprets the same move a player differently, each trying to convince the other their reasons.
Thus, we would say that the bid is also a move seen by all TV channels differently due to the viewing angle of the cameraman. The Referee in turn can also see the bid otherwise, depending on the place where he is on the field. The commentators also have different opinions and sometimes resort to various TV channels to see the same thing, take your questions and arrive at new conclusions.
 Thus, safeguarding the proper proportions, it can be said that no one will ever totally wrong or absolutely right, but all will be right or wrong depending on the viewing angle, or subjectivity of each.

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